The ultimate destination

Fabrica Restaurant




Fabrica restaurant in Perivolos remains the ideal choice for those seeking beach lounge on Santorini. Whether you prefer the breezy Cocktail Bar and Bar Restaurant, the beach bar service or the romantic sea view restaurant dinner sitting, one thing is certain; Fabrica Beach Restaurant is bound to steal your heart!



You can taste true Santorini beach life, every moment of your day. Start with a healthy breakfast at the Fabrica Lounge Bar on Santorini as you watch the Santorini sun caress the blue waters, or savor it barefoot on the beach. As the day goes by and you are resting on your comfortable sunbed, you can nibble a club sandwich, a plate of freshly picked fruit or choose to relish a refreshing salad from our beach bar.  The Fabrica Beach Restaurant menu, offers you everything you might desire as you enjoy Perivolos beach on Santorini. As the sun goes down and the summer night breeze settles, you can sip your favorite cocktail, gazing at the Perivolos starry sky in our lounge cocktail bar and finish the night off with a romantic dinner at our sea view restaurant.



Amongst the best beach restaurants and lounge bars on Santorini, Fabrica Beach Lounge Bar Restaurant offers serenity, comfort, elegance and magical moments.   From coffee to cocktails at the beach bar and from sandwiches to romantic dinners at the sea view restaurant, Fabrica Lounge Bar on Santorini is the place to be.   Refreshing, contemporary design, friendly service, and ideal setting… what more could you ask for from a Perivolos restaurant? Fabrica is the ultimate destination, whether you are looking for a romantic sea view restaurant or a trendy lounge cocktail bar, or simply a beach bar, Perivolos restaurant has it all.

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