Seek a relaxing holiday
by the beach

The Beach


It is not easy to describe the endless sandy Perivolos beach. Apart from being one of the largest beaches in Cyclades and the best beach on Santorini, Perivolos Beach is amazing . As you walk down the sandy paths of this stretched out black sandy beach, you discover why Perivolos beach is the place to be, for those seeking a relaxing holiday by the beach on Santorini, Cyclades, Greece. Boho Suites embrace the relaxing scenery, the beautiful black sand beach and the summer ambience, creating the perfect lounge atmosphere. The elegant design, the atmospheric umbrellas, the friendly service and the overall attention to detail really makes the difference.



Set in this breathtaking location you will find the ultimate beach lounge on Santorini Island. Boho Suites Hotel is renowned as it is by the best beach on Santorini, the most acclaimed and popular beach on the Cyclades’ island, since it creates the ideal relaxing daytime atmosphere and constitutes the most vibrant evening suggestion during summertime, with a multitude of events, proposals and parties. Whether you choose to enjoy a chilled espresso in the comfort of your soft sunbed, a picnic basket or sushi delicacies under the atmospheric shade of the straw umbrellas, whether you wish to savor a refreshing summer cocktail at the bar or a barbeque while listening to guest djs’ music selections or live performances on the beach, you will lose yourself in the beauty and ambience of the best beach on Santorini.



Around Perivolos you will find many beach umbrella rentals, but at Fabrica Bar Restaurant private beach, you will find a world of elegance and style with exceptional beach services. Taking beach umbrella rentals to a whole new level, Fabrica fully organized private beach on Santorini is a dream come true for those seeking a freestyle, cool and relaxing holiday spent on one of the best Cyclades beaches Greece has to offer.

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